A California Employment and Energy Law Firm

Resolving Employees' Legal Problems in the Workplace Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

Barbara Giuffre, one of our founding partners, is a well-respected San Francisco Bay Area attorney with more than two decades of sustained achievement focused on resolving employment law problems, defending employees' rights and protecting clients' futures. Barbara has practiced in both New York and California. She enjoys representing a wide range of clients, which have included low-wage workers, high net worth executives, small businesses, and publicly traded corporations.

Barbara's approach is hands-on. She handles her cases with compassion and conviction. She offers legal advocacy that is both tenacious and practical.

Whether you have suffered from workplace harassment or discrimination, have been wrongfully terminated, or have lost your job and need help negotiating a severance agreement, we can help. Our attorney has favorably resolved hundreds of complex, and often emotional, workplace problems. Barbara's case results have ranged from arrangements where clients overcome the issues and keep their jobs, to awards into the multimillions of dollars.

Intelligent and Practical Representation Tailored to What Concerns You

No two employment law issues are exactly alike. No two clients are exactly alike. Barbara listens intently to your description of the situation and to how you would want to move forward. Barbara then uses her professional skills and experience to offer her recommendations, to shape a strategy, and to advocate for you to reach the best possible resolution.

Some cases are resolved quietly and privately through negotiations. Other cases need to be brought to court and to juries. This office handles both kinds of cases.

Barbara's personalized approach, combined with 20-plus years of practical experience in law practice, leaves you in experienced hands when handling your often difficult, sometimes confusing employment law concerns.