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Combatting Workplace Harassment

Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonves . . . attention-grabbing names. Each of these men, accused of committing unwanted sexual harassment at their work sites, has faced a public reckoning under the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements.

Gender-Based Disparities

Gender-based disparities (for example, in education, politics, compensation and pay practices) remain a persistent issue on a worldwide basis. Across the globe, women earn just 63% of what men do (see World Economic Forum's ("WEF") Global Gender Report 2018). The WEF predicts that it will take an astonishing 202 years to close the pay gap between women and men.

Tips On How To Best Consult an Employment Lawyer

Something big, possibly something deeply troubling, happened to you at your job. You should probably see an employment lawyer.  How do you get ready for that consultation?  What should you be thinking about?  

You want to have a strong and strategic meeting.  You want to gain valuable insights and potential strategies.  We suggest here a few tips to help get you prepared.  


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