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Gender-Based Disparities

Gender-based disparities (for example, in education, politics, compensation and pay practices) remain a persistent issue on a worldwide basis. Across the globe, women earn just 63% of what men do (see World Economic Forum’s (“WEF”) Global Gender Report 2018). The WEF predicts that it will take an astonishing 202 years to close the pay gap between women and men.

In this corner of the world, California has been making strides in addressing pay disparity issues. From 2016 to 2018, California made several amendments to the California Equal Pay Act. The Act prohibits a California employer from paying employees of one gender, race or ethnicity wages that are less than what it pays employees from an opposite gender, race or ethnicity for substantially similar work performed under similar working conditions.

These legislative changes represent significant policy achievements that could potentially spread across the country and the world to help bring about parity and equality.