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Detailed and Personalized Employment Law Advice

Lawyer Barbara Giuffre draws upon her two decades of sustained achievement in law practice to resolve your real time employment law problems. She defends employees’ rights and she protects her clients’ futures. Barbara has advised hundreds of individual workers in all types of employment situations, in and outside of court. Attorney Giuffre enjoys representing a wide range of clients, which have included low-wage workers, high net worth executives, small businesses, and publicly-traded corporations.

Barbara’s approach is hands-on and practical. She handles her cases with compassion and diligence. She focuses on clients’ priorities and concerns, and works with clients to shape an effective strategy to resolve their job-related issues. Some of her cases involve:

  • Harassment and Discrimination : If your gender, race, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, medical condition or disability have interfered with your employment, or if you have become the victim of sexual, racial, or other forms of harassment, our harassment and discrimination representation is designed to help you.
  • Wrongful Termination : Our wrongful termination representation is targeted at holding employers accountable for unlawful job dismissals that violate contractual agreements or are based on impermissible legal factors, such as retaliation, whistleblowing, or fraud.
  • Severance Agreements : If you are laid off or terminated, your employer may offer you severance pay in exchange for your signing a legal release. You would want to maximize the economic and non-economic benefits you could receive before you sign any severance agreement. Our staff offers detailed severance agreement advice, analysis and negotiations.

We also provide detailed guidance to clients facing various other employment law concerns, including:

  • Retaliation
  • Hiring agreements and executive hiring agreements
  • Consulting or independent contractor agreements
  • Responses to performance counseling write-ups
  • Analysis of the impact of corporate mergers/consolidations
  • Leaves of absences due to serious medical conditions, pregnancy or caring for a loved one
  • Expatriation and repatriation agreements for employees placed in foreign countries
  • Wage and overtime issues, including commissions and bonus pay issues
  • Non-competition issues, including proprietary agreements and non-solicitation agreements
  • Whistleblower actions

To schedule a free 20-30 minute initial consultation to discuss your specific employment law concerns, please call 415-981-9114 or contact our office online today.