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Illegal Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination occurs when an employee or group of employees are singled out and treated differently or unfairly based upon certain protected characteristics, such as gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, pregnancy, color. Current state and federal laws prohibit employers from refusing to promote an employee, demoting an employee, firing an employee, or changing the terms of employment (such as pay or benefits) if the reason for the treatment is that the person is part of a protected group.

At the Work/Environment Law Group, we take great pride in providing aggressive legal representation to clients who have fallen victim to discrimination throughout the San Francisco area. With more than 20 years’ experience practicing law, and numerous discrimination cases successfully resolved for our clients, our attorney works diligently to provide you information and advice that you need to understand your rights, to know your options, and to protect yourself and your job.

To help you recover compensation following discriminatory treatment, employees must take appropriate and timely actions to remedy the situation. We suggest that you:

  • Write down at home any incidents of suspected discrimination, including dates, times, and witnesses to any incidents;
  • Keep copies of any letters, emails and tweets that relate to these incidents;
  • Complain to a manager or supervisor promptly, and in writing, keeping a copy for yourself;
  • If in doubt, do not sign anything without first obtaining solid legal advice;
  • Consider your options to file complaints with the state Department of Fair Employment & Housing or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; and
  • Continue to perform your job in a satisfactory manner as you address these difficult issues.

Illegal Harassment in the Workplace.

Harassment occurs when an employer, manager, supervisor, or co-worker (sometimes even a customer) says or does something that creates an intimidating, threatening or hostile work environment based upon a person’s sex, race or other personal characteristics.

Many harassment cases arise from an employee’s sex or race. Illegal sexual harassment may occur when an employee is pressured to engage in sexual activity or is repeatedly exposed to unwelcome sexual remarks, jokes or visuals at work. Illegal racial harassment may occur when an employee suffers humiliation from racial epithets, stereotypes or visuals. Harassment at work often leads to great emotional distress and humiliation in its victims.

We have handled dozens of sensitive and difficult harassment cases, in and outside of court. We have achieved substantial and favorable results for our clients. We offer detailed advice about what options you have to address these issues. We recommend that you act in a timely and proactive fashion in addressing illegal harassment at your job. We can help guide you.

Contact Us for Assistance in Ending Your Illegal Mistreatment

If you believe you are suffering from workplace discrimination, please contact our office online or call 415-981-9114 and schedule your free 20-30 minute initial consultation with our lawyer. We have helped substantial numbers of employees address race, sex, sexual orientation, religious, age, pregnancy, national origin and other forms of discrimination and workplace harassment.