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Detailed Severance Advice in San Francisco, California

Being laid off or terminated from your job may provoke many deeply-felt emotions. It is quite common for unemployed people to become fearful for their futures.

Some employees receive, or are able to negotiate their way into receiving, severance offers or packages. These packages offer some compensation or benefits to help you bridge the gap between your current job and the next one. These severance packages are usually loaded with not-easy-to-understand legal jargon. Our attorney helps our clients thoroughly understand and agree to what they are being asked to sign- before they sign.

We have analyzed and negotiated hundreds of severance agreements for our clients. We have obtained confidential and favorable results in most cases. We take care to address and maximize the economic terms of a severance package. We also focus carefully upon the non-economic concerns of an agreement, such as how references for future employment will be handled, unemployment insurance eligibility, working in the same industry for a competitor, and other related issues.

At the Work/Environment Law Group, our attorney has overwhelming experience addressing, developing and enhancing severance agreement packages for our clients. She offers this experience to help a wide range of laid-off or terminated workers, managers or high-ranking and high net worth executives.

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Assisting Clients of Varying Income Levels

We work diligently to address the concerns of any employee who may be eligible to receive a severance package when there is a lay-off or termination from work. We engage in this practice in a wide range of businesses, industries and employment situations. We have the experience and knowledge needed to help you reach an acceptable severance agreement, and to do so as efficiently as possible.

Whatever your specific concerns may be, we work in a comprehensive way to try to maximize the benefits of any severance offer, in both economic and non-economic terms.

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