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Addressing Wrongful Termination Issues in San Francisco

In most circumstances in California, employment is referred to as “at will.” This means that employers can terminate employees at any time for any or no reason at all and employees can quit jobs at any time and for any or no reason at all. However, in certain circumstances, it is illegal to terminate an employee, such as when the termination violates a contract, is retaliatory or discriminatory, is based in fraud, or is meant to punish a whistleblower who had tried to do the right thing.

At the Work/Environment Law Group, our attorney analyzes the facts and provides comprehensive representation to wrongful termination victims throughout the San Francisco area. With your best interests and your career success in mind, we take the time to examine the situation that led to your termination. We search for any issues that may be classified as an illegal wrongful termination and we offer detailed advice on how to address the situation.

To discuss your wrongful termination concerns with our lawyer, please call 415-981-9114 or contact us and schedule your free 20-30 minute consultation today.

Detailed Advice on Various Employment-Related Issues

Even if you are terminated from your job as an “at will” employee, most California employees hold certain rights. We analyze your employment rights, including:

  • Eligibility for Severance
  • Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance
  • Waiting Time or Other Labor Code Penalties
  • Personnel File Rights
  • Non-Damaging References to Your Reputation for Future Employment
  • Employment Rights as a Contractor or Consultant

Whatever your specific wrongful termination or employment rights concerns may be, we work diligently to provide the information and guidance you may need to address your issues quickly and effectively.

If you have been wrongfully or illegally terminated from your job, please contact us. We have helped hundreds of employees deal with job terminations. We have helped these clients resolve their issues and move on successfully with their lives and their careers.